Windpark Delfzijl Zuid Uitbreiding

Project phase: Construction phase
Project scope: Owner’s engineer QAQC BoP and WTG works 
Clients: ZuidZes B.V., Eneco Wind B.V. Kloosterlaan B.V., HiNerg B.V.
Period: 10-2022 – ...
Project Description: The existing Delfzijl South Wind Farm will be expanded with 16 wind turbines. This gives substance to the plans with wind energy of the Province of Groningen. The wind turbines make an important contribution to the sustainable energy supply in Groningen. About 175,000 MWh of clean energy will soon be generated, good for ± 51,000 households.

Yunlin offshore wind farm

Project phase: Contruction phase
Project scope: Project manager installation transition piece
Client: Jumbo Maritime
Period: 02-2022- 12-2023
Project Description: Sr. Project management representing Jumbo Maritime for the Transport & Installation of the Yunlin Transition pieces. 

The Yunlin offshore wind farm project is developed by Yunneng Wind Power Co. Ltd, a Taiwanese subsidiary of Skyborn Renewables GmbH. The project is located in the Taiwan Strait, between 8 and 17 kilometers off the west coast of Taiwan, at water depths from 7 up to 35 meters. The 82km² project area (6% of Yunlin sea area) will comprise 80 wind turbine generators (WTG), whose generated electricity will be fed into the Taiwanese power grid via two onshore substations near the cities of Taixi and Sihu in Yunlin County.

Windpark Spuisluis

Project phase: Construction phase
Project scope: QAQC WTG works
Client: Eneco Wind
Period: 09-2021 - ...
Project Description: As Windchain we support our client Eneco in the QAQC works of the WTG scope. Windfarm Spuisluis consists of 6 Nordex N117 turbines that each have a 3.6MW capacity. The picture is made by one of our inspectors during a WTG inspection and shows the unique environment of this wind farm. We work between the biggest sea lock in the world, the TATA Steel factory and the North Sea.

Since 2012, Eneco, wind farm IJmond, Midwest wind B.V. and Waardpolder Participation B.V. worked together to realize Windpark Spuisluis. The park is located on the north side of the North Sea Canal and is known as a very windy location. This means that it supplies enough energy to provide 90% of the municipality of Velsen with energy. The municipality aims to be completely energy neutral by 2050.

Project specs quantity: 6 Model: Nordex Shaft height: 120 meters Rotor diameter: 117 meters. Annual yield 6x 3.6 MW power 60,000 to  65,000 MWh About 22,000 households

Windpark Maasvlakte 2

Project phase: Construction phase
Project scope: Owner’s engineer QAQC BoP and WTG works
Client: Eneco Wind
Period: 08-2021 – ...
Project Description: On the outer edge of Maasvlakte 2, Eneco is building a wind farm with a capacity of 116 megawatts on behalf of Rijkswaterstaat. The 22 innovative onshore wind turbines generate energy together annually 416 GWh of green electricity. That is the entire ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management will be fully supplied with green electricity by 2023.

Wind Farm Hollandse Kust West

Project phase: Tender
Project scope: Writing Tender bid System integration and Ecology
Client: SSE Renewables
Period: 08-2021 – 05-2022
Project Description: The Hollandse Kust (west) Wind Farm Zone (HKW) is located 28.6 nautical miles (53 kilometers) off the Dutch west coast. There are 2 sites within the wind energy area: HKW VI and VII. The Dutch government issued tenders for the permit for the development of the Hollandse Kust (west) wind energy area. WindChain was involved in the tender process providing support on the Ecological scope, the system integration scope and bid writing process. Above activities were executed in close contact with our partner ECHT.

Windplan Blauw

Project phase: Construction phase
Project scope: Site management
Client: Aratis
Period: 07-2021 – 02-2023 
Project Description: A new wind farm is being built in the northwest corner of Flevoland, in the municipalities of Dronten and Lelystad. the existing 754 turbines in the project area will be replaced by 61 larger turbines with more power. These generate an amount of electricity that is equivalent to the annual use of 1 million households.

150kV transformer station Windplan Groen

Project phase: Construction phase
Project scope: Sr. Project manager
Client: Hitachi Energy
Period: 06-2021 – 09-2022
Project Description: Project management on behalf of Hitachi Energy for the construction of GDS transformer station.

The sustainable electricity from the wind turbines of 8 wind farms comes together at the transformer station. From there, the electricity is supplied to the adjacent new TenneT-Liander substation, which is connected to the existing high-voltage line.

The client for the construction is Gesloten Distributiesysteem Groen BV (GDG BV), the joint venture of initiators of Windplan Groen that builds and operates the grid connection for 8 wind farms.


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